We envision a world that unlocks the full potential of our health workforce to ensure patients always receive the care they need.

The era of the conventional staffing agency is over. Avoid being overcharged as an organization, or being underpaid as talent. We are here to help you serve.

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What We Stand For

At Staffy we believe in empowering what matters. We took a look at the current staffing agency model and knew there was a better way. Our approach improves the way companies scale their workforce and simplifies how talent is able to find work.

Companies receive access to fully-vetted talent at fair prices while talent can set their own rates reflecting their skills and experience. With our on-demand marketplace, companies and talent alike can expect excellence, credibility and reliability. Staffy simply earns a small transaction fee for creating these connections.

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Our clients

We're proud to support top companies across North America

Unity Health
Lakeridge Health

The Team

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Peter Faist

Founder and CEO

Peter Faist is the CEO and founder of Staffy, a top digital staffing marketplace for healthcare in North America, leveraging technology to ensure quality patient care by filling every open shift. As a former renowned security architect, Peter has partnered with private and public sector clients for high-profile events, including the 2010 Olympics and the first digital hospital in Ontario. He launched Staffy in 2015 to address the high absenteeism in Toronto's hospitality industry, expanding it to other cities in Canada and the US. Amidst the COVID pandemic, Peter pivoted Staffy to fill open healthcare shifts with an extensive vetting process for healthcare credentials.

Keira Roets

Keira Roets

Director of People

My Roller

My Roller

Head of Client Success


Opportunities at Staffy

Our team is growing and we would love to have you be a part of what we’re building. Explore the great opportunities below and reach out to us if you have any questions

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