Use these simple tips to increase sales!

1. Social Media

Social media drives traffic to your restaurant, and putting your social media on your website helps legitimize your business.

Putting up your social media allows people to check out pictures of the food, drink, decor and see what others are posting when at your establishment!

Make it easy to find the social media links on your website, and consider previewing social media posts on your website for others to see!

2. Location and Phone Number

To increase business, put your location and phone number up and front on the website, and make it easy to find.

Ensure it’s easy to locate on both a desktop and mobile website.

Consider adding a map! Customers looking you up on their phone should be able to easily find you.

3. Online ordering

Make it as easy as possible for customers to order in. If you use a delivery service, list it and make it so customer just need to click on the logo and it takes them directly to the ordering page.

Don’t make them call in, and have to wait on hold to place an order for pickup. Have an easy and simple online platform to do this. Offering online ordering makes it easier for your customer to place an order, and will help increase sales.

4. Online Menu

This is what your customer wants to be able to find when they visit your website. Put your menu front and centre! And ensure it’s professional, with clear categories and descriptions.

If you have a menu that changes daily, then put up a sample menu so guests know what style of food to expect.

Put your bestsellers first, and the items with the highest profit margins. And list add-ons to upsell! All will help increase sales.

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