People all over the world are collectively grieving. But while we navigate the new Covid-19 terrain where many of us are simply fighting to survive, there are several uplifting acts and moments occurring along the way. Proof that no matter how bad things seem, there are great things out there as well. To that effect, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite positive happenings in the world.


(Photo by Carolee Brown via Facebook.)

1) We knew pretty clearly from the get-go that this coronavirus generally put the elderly more at risk of death. But one look at this smile starts to tell the story of William “Bill” Lapschies. On his 104th birthday, he was released from the hospital after recovering from Covid-19 symptoms. At one point, the World War II vet wasn’t doing well and his daughter even began end-of-life discussions with their doctor. However, Lapschies pulled through, saying: “I made it,” adding “good for a few more,” after a pause. Perhaps some could’ve seen it coming, since Bill has already survived the second world war, two recessions, and the Spanish Flu!


2) Most people are begrudgingly adhering to global lockdowns. But while humans are hurting, at least a couple of animals seem to be enjoying things. In Hong Kong, two middle-aged pandas have finally started mating again after an hiatus of over a decade long. Zookeepers believe it was the lack of privacy that provoked their lack of love, as the animals were constantly under the eyes of visitors. After two months of isolation, the pandas have begun to show signs of physical affection and love again. If that isn’t a sweet story, we don’t what is. Head over to the Guardian to read more about the details. 

(Photo from @hkoceanpark on Instagram)


3) When everyone is supposed to stay home, it means less cars on roads. Which also means way less pollution. Though that has many positive effects all around the world, folks in northern India are getting particularly picturesque view as result. For the first time in 30 years, they’re able to see the caps of the Himalyan Mountains. Sure, the consequences are quite dire, but this is evidence there are always silver linings if we choose to remain open to them.

(Photo by @parasrishi on Instagram.)


4) As you may have read, today’s youth wasn’t taking coronavirus seriously. From early accounts of spring-breaker selfishness to absolutely ludicrous behaviour only explicable as a lewd combination of arrogance and stupidity, there seemed to be no limit to the lengths in which our disbelief was being stretched. Sure, these are wild times. But in what universe does anyone think licking a toilet seat is a good idea? Thankfully, a group of teens in Calgary have come up with an initiative to restore our faith in the future of humanity. The positive message hotline Joy4All project offers pre-recorded jokes, stories, motivational passages and poems for seniors (or others, for that matter), which can easily be accessed at 1-877-JOY-4ALL.


5) One of the most obvious challenging obstacles of social and physical distancing is the lack of opportunity for regular physical exercise and activity. Especially for those who’ve been relying on gyms to stay fit. Well, to the rescue comes one of Canada’s top fitness clubs as GoodLife Fitness launches #GoodLifeatHome. Members and non-members now have access to motivational workouts and health and fitness content to help everyone keep – or establish – healthy habits for a sound body and mind via their website and Instagram account.


Hopefully hearing about some of these stories and initiatives will improve your perspective and mental health. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you come across some great good news stories more people need to hear right now by contacting us via our form on the website. We’ll be doing our best to post positive content monthly. But until next time, here are some great sources to follow.

John Krasinski, most notably from the TV Series The Office, has been producing a show via YouTube called SGN, delivering Some Good News in traditional newsroom fashion. On Instagram, @goodnews_movement is giving us plenty to smile about with regular updates. The folks over at Good News Network are doing their part as well, you can follow them on their Facebook page as well, if that’s more your speed.



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